” Real education lies in awakening of the inner self,exploration of the inner beauty and realisation of the true spirit “. MIC English school, Akalad aims at the overall development of our students , to mould them as better citizens for a responsible and committed future. Keeping in mind , education is an investment to future , we are committed towards widening the horizon of knowledge , incorporating a value based academic system, enabling our students to evolve and work our best to empower them to be life long learners, critical thinkers and productive members to fit in the ever changing society.

MIC provides an atmosphere of multifaceted development, identifying and nurturing the talents,skills and abilities of our students to enable them to reach the zenith of success. We train them in such a way to advance their aptitude, reasoning and intellectual abilities to ensure that our children grow to their full potential and become socially relevant to face the challenges of tomorrow and develop a realistic approach towards life in future.We provide a supporting environment to our students for a proper goal setting and provide them with a vision to turn students for a fuller development,teacher being the expediter.

In our school, we enable parent-teacher-student companionship to pave way for an amicable and stress free teaching and learning environment.

Moreover, we are proud enough to have a supportive management committee with a long vision and selfless approach to fulfill the dreams of parents,aspirations of students and goals of each and every staff member of our institution.

I pay my gratitude to all my beloved parents for their faith in us.Their consistentsupport is undoubtedly,the driving force to give our best in moulding our children.

As the head of the institution I am confident enough that MIC-ans come out with flying colours leaving their indelible footprints in all walks of life.

May the Almighty Allah bless us to achieve our vision and mission.

With regards,

Mrs. Zereena Najeeb


MIC English school